Did I get kicked out of early access? Did it get shut down intentionally or accidentally?

On the forums, I no longer seen to have access to the “Roon 2.0 / early access” section. Did it get shut down in the forum or overall? Did I get accidentally or intentionally kicked out? Just trying to figure out what is going on. Not sure if others are experiencing this too.

There was a thread in that section that a number of us with ROCks were not getting the promised Linn update. Not sure if this is related.

Not sure who all was on that thread. I recall @CrystalGipsy but not sure who else.


Same here…

Yes it looks like it is gone.
We didn’t work hard enough and now Elon Musk has bought Roon as well… :scream_cat:


Yep it’s gone. I saw it go into archive as I could not see it but it showed up as archived in categories then it’s gone completely. Somethings afoot.

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Let’s hope not we don’t need another Victorian factory boss in the world.


@AMP any insight into what happened?

I got my chimney sweeping brush ready Guvnor.

Wonder if early access is gone and this is why we are all stuck on the last EA version :thinking:
The recent changes have been very small so maybe going on hiatus until next year.

I asked @AceRimmer to investigate a while back not heard anything.

Same happen for everyone it seems - tried to get some info, but still not received any.

I’m sure we will find out but seems likely a reason or someones had a hissy fit and called it a day on it.

Yes everything is working perfectly well with my Roon at the moment so I am playing 80s Vinyl instead :joy_cat:


Perhaps we have early access to not having early access…

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That could start a whole new thread with a statement like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well now we know! It’s a thing now! Huzzah!

Honestly, I’m very glad that there are regular release trains running. This is fantastic news.

I asked the staff but no reply yet so…:thinking:

Didn’t explain why my cores still not updated to the current build. Do we have to resign up?

Answer is above.

If i understand correctly, we who were already on the early access branch, we don’t have to do anything and from November 22nd we should have access to this section again, right?

But will we see the posts that were “in progress” again? I was following one for which i was interested in updates and in which i’d to post some feedback …

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