Introducing the Roon Early Access program (help us test Roon!)

We’re very excited to announce the public launch of Roon’s Early Access program!! If you have ever wanted to participate in testing Roon releases or simply want access to the latest new features then this is your chance. Read on for more info!

What is Early Access?

The Early Access program allows Roon users to test the latest Roon and ARC features and fixes before they are released to the entire user community. Through this program you can have early access (get it? :wink:) to new features and functionality in both Roon and ARC, as well as the most up-to-date enhancements and bugfixes. In return we ask that you use Roon and ARC as you normally would and report any problems to us via the Roon Community site.

Participants in the Early Access program will always be ahead of or equivalent to the production release and our intention is that those who participate will remain in Early Access without any need to switch back to production. Participants in Early Access will always have the latest features and bug fixes!

This will be the final testing cycle of our products and its purpose is to expose changes to as many different configurations and use cases as possible. As such it’s critical that we maintain a healthy number of participants in the Early Access program.


If you would like to join the Early Access program then please check out the Early Access page in the Roon help center for more information, including instructions for signing up.

Roon Help Center - Early Access Program

For more information and to get a taste of what has been going on in testing please check out the #early-access category here in Community.

We’re planning our next Early Access release for Tuesday, November 22nd and hope you’ll join us to take this one for a test drive!

A Note About Android and iOS Apps

Due to the way that the App Store and Play Store work we have to rely on the Apple and Google processes in order to provide testing apps to a wide audience. Please bear with us over the next few days if there are issues or delays in availability of the Early Access apps. Those should all be resolved before the next cycle starts.