Didier Malherbe

Couple wrong thing about listings for Didier Malherbe. He was never a member of Moving Gelatine Plates, should be accredited to the Melodic Destiny album as an artist, and is one and the same as “Blumdido Bad De Grass Ex Didier Malherbe”

Also, it would be so convenient if the Roon window was copyable.

Looks like almost all comes from rovi. :frowning:

Don’t know about the album, couldn’t find a reference while doing a quick search.

A fellow Gong aficionado? :smiley:

He was discovered by Daevid Allen living in a cave and playing his sax… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the report, @Charles_Snider — We will investigate.

It appears to be in the credits for Gong’s Camembert Electrique.

thank you

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