DietPi 6.10 update fails in GUI

I just updated my Allo USBridge running DietPi to 6.10 via the Allo Guy and now the USBridge is a USBrick. I can see it is getting power and once in a while when I power cycle it I can see it light the ethernet port but otherwise it’s now a door stop. Great.

Hi John,

This issue may occur if the update is interrupted at a power level, or a temporary loss in networking.

Please connect the HDMI to the device, then take a screenshot of the boot sequence.

Failing that, I’ll need to obtain the SD/eMMC module for your device, to debug the cause. Please contact me directly, with reference to this thread:


Not that this will make you feel better; mine updated to v6.10 without any drama. Used the dietpi-update command via SSH. So does seem that you’ve been unlucky. Good luck …

My two Raspberry Pi devices with Allo Digione and Allo BOSS updated with no problem with the GUI, but I get the same problem with Sparky and USBridge as John Aiello.

I think that there is a problem with the update via the Allo GUI. The GUI reports that the update is done before it actually completes (my theory). If you reboot from there the unit bricks. I had a microSD card here and updated it with the Allo GUI and DietPi 6.10 and installed it in my USBridge and got it to boot and work again. I actually prefer to run the device off a microSD so this is the way I plan to use mine from now on. Now when there is a new update I can swap SD cards instead of flashing the internal eMMC in my USBridge.

Hi John,

I believe you are correct. I’ve opened a ticket and we’ll start investigations.

Please see the following ticket for updates on this issue:

I reflashed my eMMC with the Allo GUI, then applied dietpi-update through SSH. I am now back up to speed with Sparky/USBridge.

+1 to this. I have two units. One updated fine using SSH. I updated the other via the web gui. It looked OK until I tried a reboot – it now bootloops (plugged in via HDMI to inspect).

If this helps, error messages / symptoms:

  1. On boot, it fails to mount the eMMC card on /mnt/vfat. Then tries e2fsck, and tries to umount (fails with “nothing to do”)
  2. Starting DietPi-Services, it complains: can’t lock /var/run/, other PID may be 1968.
  3. Just before login screen, flags: DietPi-Process-tool | An issue has occurred.
  4. Then briefly presents the login screen, before immediately stopping services and rebooting.

Can post pics of above if helpful (am snapping with camera as they flash by).

Would reflash eMMC module, but who knows where adapter is. Will try a via micro SD, per @John_Aiello (whose pain I now share).


Thanks for sharing. Wish this did not have to happen to anyone. I wanted to try the eMMC path and found the adapter but can’t figure out if that’s all I need. For some reason I think that the adapter needs a companion piece that is the actual module? Can someone that has gotten this working confirm for me is the eMMC adapter one piece or two?

Yes, agree your sentiments. I guess it’s also part of the DIY adventure.

I think what you may be looking for is the eMMC module itself. It’s attached to the underside of the board, directly below the HDMI out. It is a black chip, about the size of your thumbnail. I know this because one of mine got dislodged in transit, and I had to reseat it – you’ll have to take the covers off the unit to get at it.

It should pop off the board without too much force (the connector is on the underside – the module seats using a friction fit, so nothing to undo or release – just pop it upward, away from the board). From there, it’ll clip into the adapter, and you should be able to write it.

Replacing it on the board required me to separate the two boards (unscrew and pull apart) – the module seats easy enough, but it’s difficult to get the placement right when access is tight).

I am going to try installing Linux on to a microSD card on the Sparky itself, and then seeing if it will let me flash the eMMC module in place (might work …).

Good luck.

Awesome. Thanks for the explanation. I have my USBridge running off a microSD card now and kind of like it this way. I just ordered two more microSD cards since I have three different Allo devices. Two f them run Ropieee so I feel pretty secure about thise but I do like the idea of doing updates to SD cards and not to embedded media.

Gotcha. FWIW, I did get the eMMC chip working again, via the reflash. I am moderately familiar with Linux; it wasn’t super taxing as Linux goes, but it was annoying.

If you’re happy with the sd cards, great. If you’re of a mind to try to get the eMMC back, please reach out.

Note that even trying to boot a fresh image on the microSD, I had to unclip the eMMC first. I might have just been unlucky (sounds like you are running atm).


I had to refresh my eMMC too as it somehow got screwed up with the update to 6.11 from 6.9 … having to use the dd command was a bit of a struggle to find the docs but all good I think - I think its loading now as the SD card is removed and I’m getting pings

6.11? Did I miss something?

Hope it comes good. Does chug / do updates for a bit. I was interacting with it via SSH as it did this.

I think fixes some of the 6.10 issues (notably, update via webpage is disabled – SSH only – dietpi-update).