DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available

(Dan Knight) #22


Shairport-sync in DietPi will use the default ALSA device, as defined in /etc/asound.conf.
This file is updated when changing the soundcard in the web interface.

Can you confirm you have selected USB-DAC as the soundcard in the web interface?


USB-DAC was already set when i’ve installed ALLO web GUI (so i’ve made no selection).
Seems the explanation (default card 0 which is HDMI and not USB ).

But when shairport launched from the command line USB OK, why ?

root@DietPi:~# more /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 0
ctl.!default {
type hw
card 0

EDIT: Confirmation, after USB-DAC selection in the Web GUI and reboot asound.conf is correct (card 1). Thank’s Dan.

(Dan Knight) #24

Assuming Sparky SBC?

Was the DAC plugged in, when you updated DietPi? If not, the USB-DAC detection would fail, and DietPi would simply revert to hw:0,0


No, I’m using stock RPI at the moment because i’m waiting for ALLO alu cases availability to order USBridge.

I’m not sure DAC was ON during DietPi update.
What i remember is that ALLO GUI was already set to USB-DAC in the web GUI after DietPi update (without any manual setting). So probably web GUI OK but asound.conf KO if DAC was OFF.

But what i don’t understand is why Shairport use the correct output (hw:1) when launched directly from the command line ?

(Dan Knight) #26

Yep, if the DAC was unavailable during the update, that would render incorrect /etc/asound.conf setting.
We’ll fix this in v158, revert to soundcard none, when USB-DAC detection fails.

In the mean time, you can resolve /etc/asound.conf:

  • Select any soundcard in the list and save changes
  • Ensure USB-DAC is connected and powered on, then select usb-dac as the soundcard, save changes.

Because you are essentially telling shairport-sync to use that device, instead of hw:0,0 as per /etc/asound.conf.


Thank you Dan. asound.conf resolved. Everything OK.

Last question for information purpose only:

How i’m “essentially telling shairport-sync” to use hw:1 vs hw:0 when launched from the command line with the command shairport-sync -vvv for example ?

(Dan Knight) #28

If you have the entry in shairport-sync.conf (output_device="hw:1";), this will override what is contained within /etc/asound.conf

Removing or disabling that entry will revert to /etc/asound.conf

Shairport reads the config file /usr/local/etc/shairport-sync.conf when launched from command line.

-vvv is basically additional info, during run of program:

-v, --verbose           -v print debug information; -vv more; -vvv lots

(Mike Pinkerton) #29

@Dan_Knight my reference code for the bug report is: 02f232b0-2066-46fe-9872-76735283e2e3-0

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi Dan, everything is now OK , Shairport and others software set from web GUI.

Only issue with ALLO web GUI is in networking options. Seems an issue with ifconfig command.
However no networking issue, only display issue.

(Dan Knight) #31


Looks like the net-tools package was removed.

Can you try reinstalling it:

apt-get install net-tools


root@DietPi:~# apt-get install net-tools
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
net-tools is already the newest version.
The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:
Use ‘apt-get autoremove’ to remove it.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.

Seems already installed … no change

(Dan Knight) #33

Hi Mike,

Currently, we are only supporting the official pre-made Allo GUI images, and not stock DietPi with DietPi-Software install of Allo GUI.
This is because we have not fully tested the install with all webserver configurations, and, all the software titles/combos available in DietPi-Software.

Thanks for sending the bug report, i’ll check this today, but it may be advisable to write the official Allo GUI image for a quick resolution:

(Dan Knight) #34


  • Is your current installation via one of the pre-made images?:
  • What happens if you run ifconfig in a terminal?
  • Have you made any changes to the system, outside of the web interface and DietPi programs (eg: I manually modified /etc/fstab)

(Mike Pinkerton) #35

I know, but you told us to try it and file bugs :slight_smile: So I did.

I’ll leave it as-is (nothing else appears broken) in case you need more diagnostics or logs.

(Dan Knight) #36

Quite right :+1: thank you , checking the report now, will update you if we find anything.

  • No ALLO premade image, i’ve downloaded, reflashed and installed DietPi image then dietpi-software install 159 manually.
  • ifconfig output from terminal OK
  • No change at all
  • See also , same issue in another context (since i’ve reflashed and my setup is without X tools or emulation).

(Dan Knight) #38


Please copy and paste all, then full refresh the System settings page (ctrl+F5), see if the error is resolved.



OK but No change … Still “Bash: Ifconfig: Command Not Found”

(Lars Holmberg) #40

Same here. Just tried.

(Dan Knight) #41

Thanks. The test was for $(which ifconfig) eth0

Please can you answer the following:

  • Sparky SBC or RPi?
  • How is the unit powered (eg: official RPi PSU / Allo barrel PSU into USB Bridge)?
  • EMMC/SD card used, and brand?
  • You mentioned no changes to the system, outside of DietPi programs/web interface. Is this the same system that you made changes to /usr/local/etc/shairport-sync.conf?