DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available

Core Features:

  • Slick Web Interface to configure and control the system.
  • Preinstalled with Audiophile software, such as Roon, O!MPD, NAA Daemon and Shairport-sync (AirPlay), Squeezelite and Gmrender (DLNA audio endpoint).
  • Ready to Run. Pre-configured and pre-installed image (No SSH/Terminal setup required)
  • Audiophile quality, all the optimizations and features of DietPi, 156MB RAM usage (RPi, all services enabled), RAMlog and more. Perfect for audio usage.

For all the details, image download and getting started guide, please see link below:


Congrats Dan !
I’ve installed DietPi v157, any command to launch Allo Web GUI (just for evaluation) ?

You can install Allo GUI with the following command:

dietpi-software install 159

We officially support the pre-made images, however, feel free to test and let us know feedback.

Any plans to release Debian Stretch image for RPi3 with the web interface?

Congratulation Dan (and Allo). So my hard won SSH knowledge over the last few days is of no use now! :slight_smile:

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We are currently having issues with onboard WiFi on Stretch (Jessie fine, same kernel/commands), once resolved, we’ll update the image to Stretch.

Allo Web GUI installation OK, Thank’s …

Only issue is using Shairport-Sync: No audio on my DAC, However DietPi AIrPlay endpoint seen from Itunes and IOS devices.

I’ve set output to 44100 / 32 bits via Web GUI

If i disable Shairport from web GUI and launch Shairport from command line audio is OK:

root@DietPi:~# shairport-sync -vvv
Looking for configuration file at full path “/usr/local/etc/shairport-sync.conf”
Value read for output rate is 44100.
alsa output device name is “default”.
The processor is running little-endian.

Here is my conf from /usr/local/etc/shairport-sync.conf:

general =
  name = "%H";
  interpolation = "soxr";

metadata =
        enabled = "yes";
        include_cover_art = "no";
        pipe_name = "/tmp/shairport-sync-metadata";
        pipe_timeout = 5000;
        socket_address = "";
        socket_port = 5555;
        socket_msglength = 65000;

alsa =
//  mixer_control_name = "PCM";
output_rate = 44100;
output_format = "S32";

Any idea ?

I have the same problem @Dan_Knight. I’m a bit better off. i do get some audio esp from Youtube. Tidal app is struggling to play to Shairport.

On Youtube, Shairport kept playing in autoplay mode song after song. So, it appears the key issue is when i switch apps or close Youtube and open it again.

I have the same settings in my shairport-sync.conf as @volpone.

@Gurpreet_Kohli , Seems not the same issue. No audio at all for me, nothing sent to DAC.

However i’ve found a workaround adding output_device=“hw:1” to shairport-sync.conf

Seems default audio output different when Shairport launched as a service daemon and when run from command line. Shairport was trying to output to hw:0 which is vc4-hdmi ?

I hope confirmation and fix from @Dan_Knight

My edited shairport-sync.conf alsa section (Audio OK):

alsa =
//  mixer_control_name = "PCM";
output_rate = 44100;
output_format = "S32";

I installed it (via the command line) and now it wants my email address and a password for If I don’t have the Allo hardware, can I not use this web UI? That’s not very clear in the instructions.

Don’t worry !
Email Adress:
Password; allo
No ALLO HW required.

It takes me to a page that says only “login failed” with no ability to try again. I have to erase the site cookies to do anything, but a second attempt yields the same result.

Stange … No issue for me, see:
@Dan_Knight any idea ?

I guess this could be a case of not using the pre-made image, but upgrading my existing install to 157 and side-loading the web UI (via dietpi-software install 159). It looked like a huge amount of stuff got added to support the webUI, maybe something got missed.

No, i’ve followed exactly the same path. Without any issue.
Yes, a lot of stuff is added during ALLO web GUI installation.

My upgrade failed too, and when I uninstalled it complained about there being no DB. I suspect that there is a bug in the DB setup.

I was curious to see the GUI.

Thanks. I already set my USB DAC as the default card in asound.conf. Still, i edited shairport-sync.conf as per your suggestion - alas, it did not work. Youtube still plays (like earlier) but when i change to a new video, the audio drops (while the video keeps playing).

I also noticed that if a video takes a few seconds longer to start ie is buffering, the audio drops.

How do you run shairport from the command line? Is it a simple command? I saw an earlier post where you first disabled Shairport in the GUI, but the command was not clear. Kindly provide this again.

Sure, @Gurpreet_Kohli Gurpreet_Kohli , your issue is quite different than mine, i agree.

I have the same issue, login / allo is not working. What is the current one?


Thanks for the report.

If any users have experienced this issue of inability to login, we’ll need to see the upgrade log. Please can you send a bug report, which will contain the upgrade logs:


We’ll also need the unique ID code, once completed.

As a temporary workaround, you can try to reinstall the Allo GUI and refresh the SQL DB with:

dietpi-software uninstall 159
dietpi-software install 159

Ticket for reference: