DietPi: creating a lean-and-mean Roon Bridge

I’ve tested the ARMv8 Roon Bridge build, suspect you’ll see it with the release of 1.3. I’m actually using DietPi on my C2’s with the ARMv8 build of Roon Bridge. Running the HiFi Shield 2 as a Roon enabled DAC for the kitchen radio.

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Excellent, looking forward to 1.3!

Any idea if this build of Roon bridge is available to the public domain? If Roon permits, we could add the ARMv8 (ARM64) installation in and allow DietPi C2/Pine users a way of creating a Roon bridge.

It’s not publicly available as yet and I don’t think the shell scripts for installation have been finalised. When I tested the installation was manual.

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Sorry for the slow response, @Dan_Knight …this was lost in the holiday shuffle.

We don’t have plans to allow Roon Bridge to talk to non hw:X,X devices because a number of things fall apart if we can’t be sure we’re talking to a hardware device.

In many cases, the default device presents “wide-open” hardware capabilities, which interferes with Roon’s ability to make good decisions about sample rate and bit depth conversions. Non-hardware devices sometimes perform faster-than-realtime buffering or pre-loading, which interferes with our clock management and synchronization technologies. Also, having arbitrary downstream DSP undermines the integrity and usefulness of Roon’s signal path display.

As far as EQ is concerned, Roon 1.3 will ship with its own parametric equalizer and will be able to load convolution filters generated by external EQ software.

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Hi @brian

No worries, thanks for the in-depth reply.

Makes sense when aiming for highest possible audio quality, and, especially considering 1.3 will have its own built in EQ, looking forward to it!

Any chance we will see the ARMv8 Roon Bridge binaries released to public before/with Roon 1.3? We are keen to add Roon Bridge installation for our Odroid C2/Pine A64 users:

@Dan_Knight maybe include the Allo Sparky too :smiley:

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Yep, we’d love to, just need to get our hands on a sample board 1st for implementation of the DietPi image, and, supporting the device.

I’ve sent a request via email to @ALLO_audio_boards and will wait their response.

Given the number of platforms you’re now supporting you could rename the distro to DietSOC.

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No, we’re not planning any more 1.2 releases. ARMv8 will go out with 1.3.

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How does one change the name that shows in the device list for networks i.e. FIng from DietPi to something more meaningful like loungepi etc? One of mine is called Raspberry and the other DietPi but no idea how to or where to change them

On Diet-Pi systems:


6 Security Options > 2 Change Hostname

On Raspbian systems:

Change hostname in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname

nano /etc/hosts

nano /etc/hostname

and reboot.


Lol, yep, great suggestion, would be ideal. However, a complete re-brand/naming now of DietPi would be a mammoth task :slight_smile:.

Rather spend that time working on improving DietPi: :smiley:

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That’s hardly a week’s work. Just finish Stretch and be done with it. :slight_smile:

Oh, and add a Cubox. :stuck_out_tongue:

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On a more serious note: you have my utmost respect making Linux manageable for the uninitiated on those SBC’s.

(And on an even more serious note: don’t bother with Cuboxes unless you have serious time to spare, you’re bored and it is raining outside. Mine are doing just fine with Armbian – and with DietPi you appear to be skating where the puck is going to be instead of where it was yesterday. That looks like a good investment, time-wise.)


I have dietpi properly configured with roonbridge on a new RP3 equipped with a HIFIBERRY DIGI+. It’s working fine if I send an audio signal directly from Roon to that roonbridge, but when I attempt to link zones together with my main listening zone the audio quits playing on the RP3/DIGI+. Other than that it’s working fine as a roonbridge for direct playback.

Has anyone a suggestion regarding this behavior? Is this something I need to ask Roon about directly?