DietPi: creating a lean-and-mean Roon Bridge

Ah… OK I have an ethernet board to sit on it … but I guess the ARMv6 is still a logo…time get a newer model to play with.

I have a built 4 RPi3’s over the last month… one was built for a buddy that needed a digital endpoint for his setup… all but one running on DietPi.

  • One is just a USB endpoint for a DAC. (I’ve messed around a bit with this one, it’s running RoonBridge and has been setup to use as an HQPlayer NAA)
  • Another has a IQaudIO Digi+.
  • And another with an IQaudIO DAC+.

All of the above are running DietPi with an iFi iPower 5v power supply. The DietPi setup is so easy to config and tweak. Currently I’m running them all in conservative mode and they are working great! Cool quite and efficient. No dropouts yet.

The last one runs Kodi on OpenElec with the pre release PLEX app.

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V139 is out, including a Roon Bridge installation option in the software installer:

Compared to the pioneering we did at the beginning of this year, it’s a whole new world out there, making it much easier for those new to this game to add a few rock solid, well sounding, ultra cheap zones to their setup. Thanks, @Dan_Knight!

I’ve got to rewrite the step-by-step guide… :wink:


Time to standardise all 2 of my pi zones with dietpi I think.

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Can’t go wrong: minimal overhead, minimal maintenance, minimal installation.

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@RBM @hifi_swlon

You might be interested in the automated installation image :wink:

DietPi - Roon Bridge auto installation and setup:

DietPi will automatically update, install and configure Roon Bridge, no user input required. Depending on the speed of your SD card and SBC used, system will be ready within 1-10 minutes.

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Hehe… Nice – I’ll put it in the updated guide. Will you continue to host the config file?

And BTW – any chance you’ll have the Cubox on the menu?

Interesting. I have one Pi3 with A DAC Hat and one with a Digi Hat will the same image work with both of these or is there some other configuration I need to do?

Looks like they support Debian already, shouldnt be too much to create the DietPi image: . Just need to get my hands on one of the devices to implement it. Not available in EU as far as I can see :frowning:

You could edit the config file mentioned above for each Pi I guess: find the # Soundcard section and change it to


for the Digi Hat and




for the respective Hifiberry DAC Hats. Other Hats wil very.

Or just run dietpi-config after boot and select your Hat from 2. Audio Options > Soundcard.

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Should be fine. If i remember correctly, Roon GUI allows for selection of soundcard?

If not, which DAC and Digi are you using? Might be available in dietpi-config > Audio Options > Soundcard

Yup – I run mine with Armbian for now. They were extremely cheap at a Dutch reseller a few months ago, but they appear to be all gone.

The Roon GUI just reflects the sound options offered by ALSA for enablement:

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Our RPi image currently supports these soundcards, all of which can be enabled in
dietpi-config > Audio Options > Soundcard :

If you card is not listed, let us know and we will add it into dietpi-config

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Thanks they are listed. They are the hifberry DAC+ and digi+ . I read the earlier posts in this thread and in think I know what to do now. Will give it a go after the holidays. Thanks again.

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For those interested in how lightweight DietPi + Roon Bridge is, here is htop screenshot from a RPi 3:

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Check the first post… :slight_smile:


Is there any way for dietpi to support both RoonBridge and being a HQPlayer endpoint? Sometimes I want to upsample.

My new pi3 should arrive this week and I will hope to get running easy peasy from instructions here…hope it’s as easy as everyone says…I’m pretty rusty on my PI’s and linux these days

What size sad card do I need as minimum for brisdge use only?

You’ll be fine – and otherwise, just give a shout. :slight_smile:

I use 4GB cards, but DietPi + Roon Bridge will do fine on 1GB. See also: