DietPi + ESS Sabre HAT ~ DSD/PCM Rates?

I am trying to find out what can be accomplished with a Pi+Sabre HAT when it comes to HiRez today?

I have an older Sabre 9023 HAT which works fine up to PCM24/192 when using “Hifiberry DAC” overlay. It does not allow for volume adjustment other than in software though, i think.

On it’s way is however an updated HAT with the Sabre 9038Q2M chip with DSD128 and PCM384 capabilities. Has anyone got experience to share with these newer Sabre chips on HATs?

Im referring to using the Pi as a slim Roon Bridge

I’m using a khadas tone board. But have yet to add the SBC header to RPi’fy it. Happy for now running it via usb stand alone. Seems to play ok at DSD512 on ROCk too.

Thx Wiz, that was not exactly what i had in mind though. I meant when it comes to the kernel version and support for different hardware wrapped under a “generic” name such as the “Hifiberry DAC” in the context of DietPi in the current state.

In short i would want to send a DSD128/PCM384 stream to my Pi+DAC and it would be converted as-is without being trunked down to 24/192 PCM.

The tone board uses the 9038Q2M chip, and while it can run stand alone it can be mounted as a HAT on RPi…not sure if there is a generic definition it would work with tho…software is not my rice bowl.

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I just tried DSD128 on my Audiphonics Sabre 9028Q2m card with DietPi and it works fine.

However there is a bug in DietPi 6.21 that I have temporarily solved with help from the DietPi team.

I would think it is the same with Audiophonics Sabre 9038Q2m.