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I am a roon user but this question is about DietPi running NAA. Hope i am not completely in the wrong place!
I want to try HQPlayer with RPI DietPi running NAA. My streamer from IanCanada needs Generic I2S driver to output I2S through hdmi card.
I tried RPI-DAC as i have read in another topic and it works well but it is limited to 192kHz…
Does anyone knows about a non limited generic I2S driver?
Kind regards

Try hifiberry-dacplus ?

Thanks for your suggestion, hifiberry-dacplus does not work unfortunately but hifiberry-dac does and allow 384kHz.
I asked Ian, a very nice guy, and he told me 384kHz is the upper limit of RPI GPIO, so i guess i’ll have to connect PC and DAC with USB if i want higher sampling rate…

For this use case, most folks end up inserting a DDC (Digital to Digital Converter) between their network audio transport and DAC. For example:

These generally take a USB signal and convert it to I2S (and other formats). While there are a few de facto standards for I2S pinouts, there’s no universal standard. So, if your DAC is not configurable to adapt to different “standards”, make sure that your DDC is.

Here it depends if we are talking about I2S which is standard inter-chip connection on PCB’s. Or “I2S” - as in I2S-LVDS-over-cable which is non-standard.

For the context of this thread, definitely the latter.

Hi David, hi Jussi,

Yes indeed, this is I2S LVDS, between Ian Canada’s HdmiPi Pro board and my DAC.
On the RPI is FifoPi, a reclocker board on which is HdmiPro board. Ian told me RPI GPIO is limited to 384kHz while i have read FifoPi is limited to 768kHz and HdmiPi Pro to 1536kHz.

I have come to the same conclusion as David, i need a DDC but none i’ve seen is able to stream 1536kHz through I2S…

Thank you both

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PS : i am not really concerned by i2s standards as i can make my own hdmi cable.

And Holo Audio Red, where you get NAA and DDC in the same package. It can run my NAA OS image.

Yeah, the Holo Red is also max DSD512 / 768k PCM through the DDC. Through USB it does DSD1024 / 1.5M PCM just fine.

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I forgot about the Holo Red. Thanks for adding it to this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i think the Holo Red is the best candidate!
Unfortunately not available in France by now, out of stock! I’ll wait for the next batch.
Thank you very much for your kind help

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