Dietpi not seeing new Cambridge Edge streamer

I have been using dietpi installed on a Allo Usbridge for 2 years. It streams to a Cambridge 851n and I had issues initially in the DAC being recognised. This was resolved with a dietpi update.
I have just upgraded the streamer to the Cambridge Edge NQ and I have the same issue in that the Dietpi device does not recognise.
Any advie would be appreciated.

What form did the update take? Was it something that required you to select how DietPi worked with the 851N?

It was one of the versions of Dietpi and updated to recognise the 851n - which it did. But I have the same issue now with the Edge.

I am stumped then. Can you get into its webmin page and see if there is anything there you can change on the CA itself?

No, nothing there at all. It’s so annoying as I thought the new streamer would transfer with no issues.

If this helps, I just ran a manual command to switch to the USB DAC - and get this

That’s for the experts to look at! But it does look like DietPi is looking specifically for a certain device and rejecting the Edge as a result.

My thoughts… but good news… I have turned everything off completely, powered on with Roon Server first, then Dietpi Usbridge and finally the Edge… all is working again! I had power cycled a few times, but not in sequence like this.

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