Difference between "roon tested" and "roon ready"

I’m new (from France) and testing roon in the 14 days trial. I have Kef LSX and i read that roon is tested and not ready for KEF. What’s the difference between the 2 please?
Otherwise i’ve been testing roon for about 10 days now. I really like it but sometimes i have some cut-off, the app saying that the speakers refuse to communicate with roon. Does anyone can help on that?

See below:

I beleive the difference is as follows.

Roon Tested indicates the product has been tested to work with the [USB] device as is.

Roon Ready indicates Roon has worked with the product maker and has the RAAT network interface code preinstalled in the device.

Ok, i understand better now. Thanks!

Meridian Sooloos devices work with Roon via network although the new 210 is Roon Ready.