Difference between "roon tested" and "roon ready"

I’m new (from France) and testing roon in the 14 days trial. I have Kef LSX and i read that roon is tested and not ready for KEF. What’s the difference between the 2 please?
Otherwise i’ve been testing roon for about 10 days now. I really like it but sometimes i have some cut-off, the app saying that the speakers refuse to communicate with roon. Does anyone can help on that?

See below:

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I beleive the difference is as follows.

Roon Tested indicates the product has been tested to work with the [USB] device as is.

Roon Ready indicates Roon has worked with the product maker and has the RAAT network interface code preinstalled in the device.

Ok, i understand better now. Thanks!

Meridian Sooloos devices work with Roon via network although the new 210 is Roon Ready.

If you look at the Roon partners page, many devices are now listed as both “Roon Tested” and “Roon Ready”. at the same time. Example, NAD M33. How can a device have both designations at the same time? Very confusing. Seems like it should be either one or the other.

Historically, some manufacturers took forever and a day to actually achieve Roon Ready status (and some are still at it years later…). They may have been Roon Tested at first before embarking on the work for Roon Ready status.

As Tony says, devices can be first marked as Roon Tested, but only once fully certified can they be marked as Roon Ready. The NAD devices have recently achieved full certification.

I think there’s a case to be made for removing the Roon Tested indicator on those particular devices. I’ll ask Roon Labs.

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of Roon Labs. NAD is not the only manufacturer showing both “Roon Tested” and “Roon Ready” at the same time.