Different bitrate between Tidal source and Roon

I don’t understand what’s going on here. For other albums it plays the same bitrate as displayed as the MQA source, but for this one the source is 48 kHz and Roon is only getting 44.1. This is played through a Primare i35 prisma via USB in Windows.

Likely bad metadata from Tidal it happens. If it’s authenticating at 44.1 that indicates that’s what it is. Tidal appears to show two versions though one at 48 and one at 44.1 I imagine the 48k one is incorrect metadata.I take it you have the MQA studio tier and not just Hifi? As you won’t get anything above 44.1/24 with Hifi.

Qobuz also gives 2 versions one at 48 and one at 44.1 but both only play at 44.1 so this is bad metadata from the supplier by looks at it.

It says mixed formats if you look at the 48k version info so it may likely be a mixed rate album with the odd track at 48k or just bad metadata .

Yeah it’s set for studio. I figured it could be bad metadata

Moved it to metadata support for @joel to have a look at.

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