Different layout in Album view on iOS build 521

I had some issues with coming back to the Roon app on my older iPad after it slept. So i decided to reinstall the app a few minutes ago.
When i had reinstalled it i visited the Album view, and all of a sudden i only see 8 albums per page?

Hmm, it didn’t look like that previously?
As far as i know this is not configureable?

Similar view from my 2018 iPad (and similar to what i saw in the older one previously)

Settings, general, show more albums, I think.

Ah, there it was!
I couldn’t imagine it would affect the Album count though! (Look at the top of each image)
But this made it clear to me that the Swedish translation of the setting is very confusing!
Thanks @ged_hickman1!

Did you have unidentified albums before? It looks, to me, like roon has newly identified albums?
Each release seems to scan and identify more albums, reportedly from feedback.

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Nope, not in this case! Both screens were captured within 5minutes or so, and no library changes were made in between.
The total album count was the same on Overview-page, 9703.

Nevertheless, i need to find a reasonable translation for the “Show more albums” caption now, seing this i now (think) i understand what its all about.