Different library content per user?

We have a rather large library of music (3 000+ records) and me and my wife have quite different taste, so my question is if it is possible to filter the library content per user in Roon. I understand that you can have personal playlists, but I would like to be able to “hide” some of “her” albums, and she wants to hide “most” of my albums :blush:

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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A kind of workaround: You can tag your albums with “his” or “her” and then use the “Focus on Tag” to select the collection.

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I would set up different user Profiles for each of you

and then use focus function (The tag suggestion from the previous post would help here) and bookmarks to save your music to. This is how I split tidal form my own library.

With focus you can set a slew of different filters. It depends on how your music is set up. Ideally you would each have your own storage location (or the tag suggestion) in the library, but only if that is how your set it up originally.

You could then also use playlists in your profile to refine from there.

I’ve thought for a while now that the user profiles feature of roon is an area with potential for significant development and Improvment. Given that roon is by nature multizone is is inherently suited towards multiuser.

I would love to see customisable user profiles that can have their zones limited to a subset of the whole house as well as maintaining their own playlists etc. this would mean having some user profiles at admin level able to change all the settings and some user profiles which are locked down especially useful for kids and guests. I’m not a programmer but I wouldn’t think it’s that hard to implement.

Also you could have different users “logged on” on each device acting as a remote. So each of my kids for example would be logged on to roon with their own profiles on each of their devices. Kind of like user profiles in netflix.


These are all great workarounds however isn’t the OP asking for a feature added that maintains different libraries per user?


The requirement is for differing views of the same library. He has proposed a way of doing this, but it is not really necessary given what can be done with Profiles, Focus views and tagging. I have recently set up a few tags for the Wife so she can instantly access all her stuff on one View. I tag her CDs on import now. Some tags are shared, others are limited to our respective Profiles. Domestic harmony ensues. :slight_smile:

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Are tags, track ratings, tidal tracks, etc. unique to each profile? So if my wife rated a track as 4 stars would I be able to have my own rating for that track too? Same thing with tags. Are they local to a profile or global for all profiles?

Hi Rik,

tags are unique to each profile, but can be set as shared. I do not use Tidal or ratings so someone else will have to comment on those aspects.

Great workarounds so far that i will try out. I have no strong opinion on how it should work as long as it’s easy to setup and use. I would prefer that if an album is imported, it should show up for everyone, so I’m not really sure tags are the best solution since it’s then not tagged automatically and you would have to “show all” to find that single album to tag it, while if I add a Tidal album I think it should only be available for me.

I also vote for this. I’d like Roon to hide my wife’s music when I am logged in. Also, I’d like Roon radio not to base suggestions on my wife’s music.
I have seen it is posible to define multiple library source locations so I moved all of my wife music into a separate folder. Yet, there’s no easy way (except playing with inspector or tags) to filter out things. Would love to have a setting for each location saying to which users it should be ‘not shown’.
I realize this won’t do for streaming libraries though… but at least local file folders would be a good start…

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