Difficulties Switching to Roon 1.8 Legacy

I am still waiting for a detailed instruction on how to resolve all these sudden problems with the Roon upgrade. None of the advise published in this conversation and related ones works for me.

I already decided that I don’t want anything to do with the new version. I just want my old version back and want it to work like it did before. I am now paying for something that does not work at all anymore. How come that Roon made this upgrade automatic and create so many problems for users that are not all IT experts.

Please help us with a simple solution that gets those of us who were happy with the 1.8 version back to where we were with something that we can use!

As requested.

More info on the issue:


All the download links you need to return to 1.8 (Legacy)

Download Links for Roon Core 2.0:

MacOS All-in-one / MacOS Remote

MacOS RoonServer

Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote

Windows RoonServer

Linux RoonServer Install Script (Instructions)
ASUSTOR RoonServer (Instructions)
QNAP RoonServer (Instructions)
Synology (DSM7) (Instructions)
Synology (DSM6) (Instructions)

ALL of your devices will need to run 1.8 (Legacy), Build: 1126.

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Thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I downloaded the MacOS all-in-one version but this didn’t make any change to the problems.

Also, I downloaded the legacy 1.8 version for an iphone and I still cannot communicate with the core which is version 1.8 too.

Somehow this automatic update has turned the entire Roon into an unusable application.

Where is Roon customer service? One cannot contact them and they also don’t provide clear answers to this mess that they got their customers in. What a disappointment!

@Jos_Brands, I have moved your posts to another thread as it is easier to track and support you this way.

Please complete the support template below, and describe the problems you have encountered, using screenshots where appropriate. Thanks.

@Formula thank you for providing the relevant support documentation.

Roon Core Machine

<!-- Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM) -‐>
<!-- Write below this line -‐>

Networking Gear & Setup Details

<!-- Your network gear (model of routers/switches) and if on WiFi/Ethernet, are you using YPN -‐>
<!-- Write below this line -‐>

Connected Audio Devices

<!-- Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.) -‐>
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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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@Jos_Brands, the key detail here is that your Roon core is a Silent Angel product and is running an old version of RoonServer (build 911). You will need to install Roon 1.8 Legacy on this machine, but the process for doing so is in the purview of the people at Silent Angel.

Well in advance of launch we contacted all of the Roon Core partners to inform them of the requirement to provide a mechanism to install Roon 1.8 Legacy so Silent Angel should have a process for this. We recommend you contact them directly for information on how to move your core to 1.8 Legacy.


I feel that I have arrived in a catch 22 situation because Silent Angel does not have a customer service to contact either.

I really feel that Roon botched this entire upgrade by making it automatic as of a certain date. It should have been left to the individual user to decide whether to upgrade or not. At minimum Roon should have provided clear upfront communication on how to avoid the mess that many of us are in now. I now have system that is unusable and nobody from Roon takes responsibility to get it back to work.

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