DigiAmp+ as a bluetooth audio player

Hi all,

I’ve got a couple of IQAudio DigiAmp+ running as Roon endpoints and they are fantastic (save for a few dropouts thanks to my rubbish network, but that is a work-in-progress). I’ve now got a third that I would like to connect to a standalone PC away from my home setup - anyone know if there is an easy way to turn a Pi4 and DigiAmp+ into a really basic bluetooth speaker setup? Ideally I’d just run in headless and stream audio to it via bluetooth (either from phone or PC) whatever the source.

Grateful for any assistance.

I was wondering the same and whether it could be added to RopieeeXL to enable both use cases.

I think etcher has a Bluetooth build but it uses the 3.5mm out but could probably be worked to support a digiamp