DigiOne Player temperature too hot?

When logging into my new DigiOne Player via SSH the CPU’s consistently reporting that it’s running too hot:

Temperature | 67’C : 152’F (Running hot, not recommended)

Has anyone else noticed the same and, if so, any reason for concern?

My DigiOne in aluminium case runs at around 41-42C

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Mine’s in the black acrylic case, which I’m sure makes some difference. I wouldn’t expect it to be quite that warm though. I’ve run Pis in acrylic cases before and haven’t seen temps that high for a system that’s not doing much of anything.

Had similar temperatures running RopieeeXL on an RPi4 in the acrylic case. Quickest solution I found was to turn the case vertically to keep too much heat from getting trapped underneath… lowered my temps to 57-59’C. May also install a heatsink since I have an extra one.

As an aside, I’m guessing the Pi in the aluminum case is a 2 or a 3, which run cooler than the 4 (I don’t think Allo makes an aluminum case for a 4 yet).


Good point on the 2 or 3 vs. the 4, and I’ll try setting it on its side, thanks.

Debating getting a laptop cooling pad to put underneath the Player and my NUC ROCK.

I have other RPi 3s running in acrylic cases (with different hats) and these run run around 48-50C.


As another data point:
I’m running a DigiOne hat on a 3B inside the acrylic case but I’ve never seen it getting hotter than 56°C (with RoPieeeXL and Shareplay + DNLA on).

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I’ve added two small USB-powered fans to the mix, one on top and one providing some cross-circulation, and it’s cooled down a bit:

CPU temp : 50’C : 122’F (Running warm, but safe)

I’ll play around with the placement a bit & see if one fan’s enough, but it’s sure looking like the acrylic case with a Pi 4 is a questionable option. :confused:

The RPi 4 does run a lot hotter than earlier models. I don’t think you are seeing anything unusual.

Maybe you’d get comparable results with a passive heat sink radiator?

Yeah, I knew the 4 would run hot… It’s just a bit hotter than I expected.

DietPi reports that it’s “too hot” but it’s hard to tell if that threshold’s been dialed into the 4’s thermal profile, or if it’s just a general threshold.

Are you running the latest firmware?

I was actually just looking at that. Allo UI doesn’t show that I need any updates, and apt update only shows a few PHP related updates as available.

Did it help updating the FW? You have the exact same temp as I have with pi4 and Digione, so I guess it’s normal.

No change with firmware updates. I’ve still got a little external fan setup that’s keeping it within normal temperature ranges, but it definitely runs hot without the extra cooling.

I went from acrylic to aluminum, which made a substantial difference.

Hi all - I have just pulled the trigger on an Allo DigiOne HAT for my Pi 4 and like the OP mine is now way hotter than it used to be in its own aluminium Flirc case - 62c v’s 37-42c! One presumes loads of these are operating in the Allo acrylic case (can’t say I’m a fan!) with a Pi 4 happily but it did come as a bit of a shock when I popped into Ropieee to check!

I can see the metal case is discontinued on Pi Hut and thee doesn’t seem to be one for the Pi 4 - could this be why?

Just to note, I’ve turned the case on it’s side and heat can now disperse between the cards - down to 54c now :blush:


I wondered if that might make some difference but then forgot to give it a try after I added the external fans. Might give it a shot and see how it does. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

And yeah, I’d think the aluminum enclosure could make a big difference. I may swap mine out at some point & see what happens.

Yes I think the metal case is the solution, but unfortunately it’s discontinued now and there isn’t one to fit the Pi4 - maybe Allo are pushing us towards buying the finished article from themselves? Which is fair enough as I don’t think there is any difference price wise, except if you already have a Pi then it’s fun trying the hats… I was very surprised at the effect of the DigiOne, didn’t expect an improvement over USB at all, not on the Pi 4!

I use the Digione with Pi 4 rev.1.2 in the acrylic case and with this heatsink the temperature drops by 5°C: