Digital downloads vs disc releases

I’ve come across multiple instances where the digital download of an album has the tracks split differently than the disc versions. Either the digital download doesn’t split the album into multiple discs, or it combines tracks. For instance I have an album with 4 Stravinsky pieces. On the disc version it has 17 tracks and the download version has 11 tracks. That’s because on the download “The Rite of Spring” is two tracks, and on the disc verisons of the same album “The Rite of Spring” is split into multiple tracks.

Is there any chance Roon can take into account that digital downloads are often a “different version” of the same album?

When manually identifying albums the different versions known to Roon can be selected below the album cover. Sometimes that can include digital download versions.

Yeah, sure I realize that. But I pretty much only buy Redbook and hi-res downloads these days, not discs.

I’ve come across multiple instances where the downloadable version of the album isn’t available in the Roon database. In fact, for every case where my downloaded version is somehow different than the disc version this is true.
I’m wondering whether there is something Roon can do to have the database reflect commonly available, but different, downloadable versions of an album also released on disc. Generally what is different is that in the download version the tracks are combined/split differently, even when the whole of the content is the same. In some instances bonus tracks etc are different or the download version has either more or fewer total tracks.

Good question. Let’s flag down @jeremiah and ask him.


I recall mentioning something similar to this ages ago, when Roon first started. I too rarely buy discs anymore and as you say, downloads are different from multi disc cds. I have plenty of examples similar to yours.

I know its just a small thing really, but the OCD in me doesn’t like it. Nor does it like the fact that when you show the resolution label on the thumbnails of each album, all redbooks have a “CD” icon irrespective of whether or not they were ripped from a CD. Other resolutions have the actual bit and sample rates. Why not be consistent and just say 44.1/16 or 44.1/24 instead of CD?