Digital Room EQ in Roon

Just wonder if any form of digital room EQ in Roon is forthcoming or already available.

Perhaps connecting a USB microphone to a Roon server and runs what an AV receiver has been doing for years.

Measuring is not available in Roon. There is convolution and various equalisers in Roon’s DSP engine. You’d need Audiolense or Acourate to create Digital Room Correction filters for the convolver. If you only need amplitude adjustment REW can create that.

Thanks I understand this is currently not available, but does anyone know if Roon is lining up strategic partner on say a paid plug-in to run inside Roon for room EQ? I thought that could be an interesting option.

There’s been no announcement and I’m not aware of any plans to add direct Room EQ (but I’m not aware of a lot of things, doesn’t mean much).

There is a Feature Request thread for a Sonos Trueplay like solution. Is that the kind of thing you have in mind ?

Dirac integration has been requested in the past but have you seen the cost of a Dirac license? The effort involved in the integration may not be financially viable for Roon as it may have limited take up. Clearly anything that involves an end user charge has a risk associated with it for Roon. The cost to implement for them has to be worth it I expect.

I guess Dirac would be a nice option here. The measurement procedure in Dirac is user-friendly and if this is not part of Roon it would not create any complexity. It should be relatively easy for Roon to run the Dirac correction engine, but there are probably major problems with this as Roon would need source code so they can adjust it to their versions and compile. For Windows and Mac this could be possible, but Dirac has no Linux version so that would be less likely. Roon’s Linux version is running under Mono so that might not be a problem after all. Another question is if Dirac is willing to let Roon have access to their source code… even under NDA.

There’s a couple of Feature Request threads about Dirac. This one is the latest.

Noted. My idea is simple but perhaps costly to implement. Just like what Audyssey, Anthem and others have come up with for AV processors, enable the EQ, run the calibration, apply the measured EQ.

Honestly I’ve not heard of this solution, like you said cost would be a deciding factor for firstly Roon to develop it, and then at the end how many are likely to pay the premium to have that in their system. Thanks.

Not heard of Dirac? It is generally regarded as one of the better solutions for room EQ (this is not the start of an argument please…:slight_smile: ). Arcam have it integrated into some of their AV amps now and works exactly as you stated above.

No I haven’t, I have not been following much EQ news either, but glad to pop this question as I heard lately the words Roon and room EQ linked together.