Dino saluzzi quintet

another error
this is default roon

if i remove all performers names by album artists, i obtain this:

which is again wrong.

Did you leave Dino Saluzzi or Dino Saluzzi Quintet in place?

Ok, so having removed the quintet, why do you think that Roon is wrong?

  1. because roon proposes as links all the artists of the quintet, it doesn’t seem to me the normal behaviour
  2. because if the roon album artist string is “Enrico Rava and the Dino Saluzzi quintet”, and if the active artist links are “Enrico Rava” and “Dino Saluzzi”, i would expect to see below the title just “Enrico Rava and the Dino Saluzzi quintet” with blue/active just Enrico Rava and Dino Saluzzi.
    am i wrong?