Dirac not working after upgrade to 1.2


After upgrading Roon 1.2 I can’t seem to play through Dirac anymore. I set up Dirac as a Zone of its own and it used to work like charm until now. My system is a Mac Mini with latest El Capitan. Any ideas?

Try setting ‘Use Power-of-2 Hardware Buffer Size’. See this thread for more info.

Many thanks!

I have similar issues with Roon Bridge 1.2 on an Intel NUC running Win 7.
My chain is Roon 1.2 -> Dirac 1.1 -> Mytek Manhattan.
It seems like the issue only occurs with sampler ate 176.4 kHz.

Unfortunately, the “Use Power-of-2 Hardware Buffer Size” setting doesn’t exist for Dirac in Win since it shows up as a WASAPI device.

Any pointers to how to fix it would be great.