Dirac Systemwide/ Virtual Sound Card

Thought I would start a thread regarding Dirac new beta program that I am currently testing. I have used Dirac with mini dsp, DRC-24 in the past but did not like the limitations in truncating to 48 kHz and having to place it between preamp and amp. I ditched the minidsp and try the Dirac software, but was disappointed with the results having to use several vst plugins and virtual cable. There was the hope that Roon and Dirac would at sometime partner up, but so far there is no indication that is going to happen.
When I discovered they were testing a virtual sound card in one package of course I got excited and currently using it through Roon. I will admit I am not that technical when it comes to virtual sound cards. This is what I do know- it only works with Windows. I don’t know if it’s bit perfect and if one can up sample. So far I am liking the results, I will keep you posted of any further findings and outcomes.
I hoping that the more knowledgeable folks here on this form will contribute.
Here is a screen shots of my setup in Roon!

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Very interesting. What is connected to your Dirac VC? Is that the PC‘s HDMI or USB port?

My setup is a diy Windows machine using a dedicated usb card out to my DAC. After installing Dirac their virtual sound card takes exclusive mode in widows audio. Once you activate Dirac processor you then point to whatever dac you are using. Then you can proceed to measuring.

If you’re using Dirac, or any other room correction, you’re not bit perfect so don’t worry about it.

You should be able to up sample to whatever the virtual soundcard supports (and Dirac should have that documented).

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