Direct mode question

I am running Roon on a Mac with an external DAC.

I toggled the direct mode option, but if I play a video on a browser, for example, I can hear the sound. I thought direct mode meant that Roon would have exclusive access to my DAC. Am I doing something wrong? Anything that I should configure on MIDI Setup?

Clicking on the green dot I see "OS Mixer (CoreAudio Shared Mode).

(Before Roon I used Audirvana and it did prevent other apps from outputting sound).



Did you select the right output from the zone picker? You are probably using System Output, which is the shared output.

Ah, I get it now. The DAC is a “zone”.

(And now the DAC is displaying the correct resolution for hi-res tracks, too.)




Also, we only “steal” the output when we are playing. So if you are also using the device as your system output, things will work until you start playing in Roon, and will return when we aren’t playing. This was really hard to get right, but it allows for some nice experience when you use your DAC + headphones at a desk.

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