Directory View and Album Artist

I made over years a lot of efforts to a clean structure of my directories. Many other softwares allow a very simple view “Directories” to help the “old” music enthusiasts to go with their well trained order principle.
I would appreciate such an order level integrated on the top level beside "genre.

I would also wish to have an differentiation between Artist and Album Artist. A lot of artists have collaborations for a few songs. This increases without any additional value the number of artists. You can imagine that 20 years and more of music will give a huge number of artist.
If you have the selection albumartists it will be a smaller number and a better overview.

Independantly from these request you made so far an excellent job with some room for improvement :wink:

Roon objects to the idea of “Directory Views” - it’s just not how Roon wants the experience to be. There has been a lot of discussion, like here

and here

Personally I think most of what may be achievable with folders can be done with file tags and / or Tags within Roon. Also, give yourself some time with Roon - it may change the way you experience your collection. Because, also just my opinion, folder structures while once the only way to organize a file collection are a limiting factor too and will never suffice (so why not using them as less as possible).

As for “Album Artists”: have you had a look at the Knowledge Base, especially - it explains how Roon sees and treats those entities. Maybe I didn’t understand what you’re requesting but to me it seems like Roon already does differentiate here.