DirectStream: Artwork via Roon

Brand new PS Audio owner here (ever, as of today, with a DS and Bridge II).

Streaming via Roon, there is no artwork shown on DS display on the box to the right. Zero!

Is that normal? Thanks!

make sure you have SD card (FAT fromatted) inserted into the DS (contact pins side up)

Yep! That did it. Thank you!

But it is very inconsistent. Often times the artwork does not show.

So I started this same thread over at PS Audio forums:

For some reason people there thing that Roon is to blame for Artwork not showing consistently on DS’s OSD (total BS as it shows instantly on my other two DAC’s / streamers and previous ones), and there is a major sound degradation when using Roon to stream music via DS Bridge II.

Go figure…

as a part of teoubleshooting i would

  • reformat SD card a make sure to eject it properly from pc
  • try another small (2/4GB) SD card
  • make sure network settings (including DNS) are OK on the bridge

in my case the artwork works all the time with roon so i think you somehow will get it working too once finding out where the issue is

btw it takes few second (sometimes up to about 10) until new artwork apppears when new track starts playing

regarding the SQ - i agree that roon sounds worse than upnp when streamed via the bridge but we need to understand that roon player code on the bridge is coming from Roonlabs not from PS Audio. I have tried to bring this topic (also with other Roon users (and not just DS with bridge) here but unfortunately it have not been ever acknowledged by Roonlabs)

Thanks for the reply.

To be clear, this is brand new DS with Bridge II I purchased from authorized dealer, and the SD card was included with the box.

Here is a pic of the firmware screen. Could you please take a look and let me know if OK?

my seems the same except the Rev

I reinstalled the firmware from the website. I now have the same Rev. 0207. Artwork is still missing most of the time.

Another thing: when playing regular FLAC files from Tidal HiFi via Roon, the files show as “wav” on DS display. Is this normal?

I need to check, but i think it’s reporting wav as Roon is really sending out PCM (wav) to the bridge (which is a good think as it offloads DS’s CPU rather than it would need to do decoding of FLAC/MP3/M4A etc)

You might try turning your DAC off by the switch in the rear and turning it back on again. I have been doing some headphone burn in lately by playing my DS DAC on shuffle play for hours and hours. After a while I lose the artwork and have to reboot the DAC to get it back.

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Why does Roon feed wav files to DSD? I have ALAC files in my library and of course Tidal Hi-Fi are FLAC

Not sure if this is the reason, but providing bridge with PCM (WAV) sounds better than FLAC as bridge does not need to spend CPU time on FLAC decoding.

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