DirectStream Connections to Nucleus

I’m trying to understand the connections and implications of a Nucleus to the DSD. So my questions:

  • If I connect the Nucleus via USB, does Roon identify the DAC? Currently I am using an Auralic VEGA and it does.
  • If I have both units on the network (using a Bridge II for the DAC), can I play from the SSD installed in the NUC to the DAC? Or do I need music stored elsewhere?
  • Can I have both a direct connection and a network connection at the same time and just switch inputs on the DSD or something?


Not exactly what you are asking, but I have an Oppo 203 connected by ethernet to my network. It is also connected by HDMI to my Nucleus. In Roon, it is set up as two different end-points that I can choose to play to one or the other.

If you have a drive installed in your Nucleus that contains your music files, you can play to any Roon end-point.