Disable classical music in Artists view

I am giving Roon another go after getting too frustrated with JRiver…

I have both an extensive classical collection as well as non-classical. What works great for classical music is the Composer view. Especially with the switch to select classical music only.
For my non-classical music I use Artist view. But this gets hogged with the myriad of classical artists of which there are hundreds. It would be great if in Artist view there could be a switch to disable classical music. That way both classical and non-classical music gets an uncluttered view from Artist / Composer.
Hope this makes sense…

The Artist view is about people – not music. For Composers, which are also people, there’s an explicit flag in the metadata (Is Classical Composer?) that is used for the switch. No such flag exists for artists. There is also no source for such a flag I know of.

If you try to emulate that with the help of genres, you might see some unexpected results. See my example:

PS: ABBA is actually missing here. Looks like at some stage someone is actively refusing to provision / prohibiting the classical (Soundtrack/Filmscore/Musical/Stage & Screen) genre that usually lead to the IMHO undesired listing of artists under classical.

Yes, a more detailed sort feature to include and exclude certain criteria would be welcomed in artist, and other views as well.