Disable overview tab

I really dislike the Overview tab. It would be cool to be able to disable it or at least, configure it so that after clicking on an artist, I first land on the Discography tab.

Also please add an option to only display the albums I added to the library (permanent option, unlike now where I have to click on the “focus on library” button every time.

There’s way too many clicks needed to start playing an album I’d like to listen to since 1.8


An option to get to the discography tab as default would be nice. After all, that’s the first information I’m interested in.The rest can follow after this. The popular tracks can go to the bottom. There are multiple kinds of recommendations, some don’t even belong on this page. It all feels like spam. Overall it is cluttered with totally different design elements as if it was designed by several people who never sat together at one table. All of the clutter Roon once tried to avoid is here now, in spades. It’s not overviewable due to the amount of scrolling with so little information in one view. It has become a monster. Recommendations are nice but it has become an agressive sales campaign you can not avoid. It’s clear that they are proud of what Valence can do but they wouldn’t have to slap it in my face like they did now. I am all in for moving the overview tab to the background, it’s just too much of a good thing.


Yes please, for me too. Whenever I look for an artist, I ignore overview and go directly to Discography.


I’ve actually come around to liking the new discography. With the little labels activated, one can easily see what’s in your library or not and where the gaps are (as long as the titles are available streaming of course).

My comments where not about the discography tab but the overview tab. The discography tab is the one I would like to see as default to avoid the spam of the overview tab

I understand. Replying to the OP’s comment on the option to only display albums added to the library in discography. If he has the labels turned on he wouldn’t have to use focus each time - pretty easy to tell at a glance what is or isn’t in your library by looking at the labels.

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You are right, the library icon and tidal/qobuz icon on the album covers is very handy here.

I too would like the option to go to the artist’s Discography by default. The Overview can be valuable too, but 90% of the time I ignore it and switch to the Discography view.

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