Disable screensaver when music is playing

Would love it if Roon could disable the screensaver when music is playing. I have a touchscreen connected to my server in my audio rack, and would like the screen to remain on when music is playing.

On windows, this can be implemented using SetThreadExecutionState(ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED). From the MSDN Doco:

Multimedia applications, such as video players and presentation applications, must use ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED when they display video for long periods of time without user input.

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Just coming back to this. Using the above API, roon could prevent the display from shutting off when music is playing. Or perhaps just when the “now playing” screen is being displayed.

What’s wrong with setting the screensaver to come on after x minutes. Mines set at 90 , unless I’m in Radio mode I am likely to make some touch screen activity in 90 mins

If not you are probably not going to see the screen and a saver would be a good idea

My remote is a Win 10 touch screen 11 in tablet

What does “Settings > Setup > Keep screen awake” do for you?

well that’s interesting, i don’t seem to have that option – perhaps because I’m not running ROCK?

Keep screen awake option missing as well in my version. What gives?

Also, in the iPad app I do see the ‘keep screen awake’ option, but it keeps the iPad screen awake, not the core’s. Even though it appears to be in the core settings page. Quite confusing…