Disable Tidal auto startup - OSX

How do you disable Tidal auto startup?

Have you looked in user settings > startup items?

Yes, I did.

I think I figured out a solution. I’ll let you know after next login.


From Terminal:

===>launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.tidal.desktop.plist

There’s a check box hidden away in the settings someplace. I’ve turned off in the past. I just can’t specifically remember where, I think in the user account area. I’m no longer a subscriber so I can’t find it for you.

In Tidal app…go to Settings —> Account —> Scroll Down —> Open Tidal upon Startup —> No

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That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

thanks from me too

This setting doesn’t work. Whenever I restart my mac Tidal starts again, regardless of this setting.

Tidal is a bit stubborn. Set the setting to No and remove Tidal from System Prefences > Users & Groups > User > Login Items.

i dont even have the option in tidal. i know its an old thread, but pls help - it so annoying.
tidal starts up and ive got no option to turn it off, following previous posts directions

Go to Settings.

At the bottom of the Streaming tab you will have the option to say No to auto launch.