Disable tracks from Roon Radio [Implemented: Ban the track or create a ROONRADIOBAN tag ]

I love Roon Radio. But it would be great to be able to tag tracks as “do not play in Roon Radio” – e.g., I have releases with partial takes of songs and studio chatter, but I never want Roon Radio to play those tracks.

Hi David,
I think your feature suggestion is already requested:

Kind regards, Frank.

Actually, that’s not what @David_Eberhart was asking for.

The requested functionality exists already. You can “ban” tracks by clicking on the heart icon next to them twice; this will prevent these local tracks being played in radio.


In your source files you can create a tag ROONRADIOBAN and set it to “1”. I do this routinely for tracks that are just “applause”. Also interviews, rehearsals, demo tracks etc. which are now common bonus tracks on re-releases and box sets. Hearting twice also within roon works. So there are multiple ways of doing this.

I don’t think this thread needs to be a feature request but maybe the user guide needs to be clearer?

Perfect. I did search for this, but I never used “ban.” Many thanks.

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