Disable volume hardware buttons support (how to)

Hello, I have noticed that I can control the volume of my roon using hardware buttons of my phone or tablet. This causes me problems with adjusting volume of the tablet or the phone as the default is always roon. To change volume of the device itself I need to ho to a ‘wider’ menu to change. Also when other member of the family starts using the tablet I just used as a roonb remote to waht YT - he/she is unknowingly changing volume of Roon. I do not need this anyway as use proper remote to change the volume or software slider in the Roon app anyway. So, ist there a way of disabling this feature?

Just asking here and not contributing to what you’re originally asking for, but doesn’t closing Roon app on these devices remedy your problem?

Closing or opening a different app does not work. complete ‘killing’ the Roon app works.

It’s in Settings, general I think.

I’m having problems with this in Android as well, and cannot find the option to stop it. It would be best if the buttons only worked in roon when the roon app was open.

NO, what is possible is to switch off Roon control when the screen is off and phone or tablet locked. Unfortunately the hardware buttons work even if the screen is locted which make things even worse.

…or if there was an option to have it on or off. the things I (and probably many more) uses tablet or phone to control more than a single device or application so Roon grabbing these hardware buttons is not the best.