Disappointed with Kef and LS50 II

I’m really disappointed with Kef.
I bought my LS50s II in February in local shop which is branch of one the biggest audio dealer in Poland - Audioklan.
The same day, at home, I found out that the left speaker doesn’t play (just a little bit sound like 5% with dropouts).
Next day I took them to the shop but it was Saturday and employee didn’t help me because it was Saturday (!).
On Monday, again I took speakers from my apartment (without a lift) to the shop and I wanted to return it as a faulty unit. The employees refused, even it was against the polish consumer law, but it looks like they didn’t know the sellers and buyers rights at all.
After 2 hours of arguments they took them only for repair, the spite of my claiming.

After 29 days the LS50s II return from Kef service, but I wasn’t able to pick up them for few weeks as my father and brother passed away (covid) and I was busy with family affairs.
Today, I went to the shop to pick up the speakers and I asked for unpacking them to check it out. It appears that they looks much worse than on the day I bought them. On both are small scratches (especially on the left speaker), but on the right one in middle is very visible spot (probably it was hit by something).
The shop, of course, didn’t care about it and didn’t help me at all (They said, they are your speakers you can do what you want, it is not our business!). I left the speakers in the shop and I don’t know what to do. I spent too much money (almost 3 month salary) for new one LS50s, to accept having speakers in that mediocre condition.
I will try find a layer who maybe can help me.

I’m really fed up with this situation, with the sellers and with Kef. I’m 40+ and I have never been treated so badly, even in greengrocery.
I know that Kef is not responsible who is selling their product but maybe it should care more and definitely is responsible for their own service.

So sorry your dad and brother passed away from COVID. That’s awful!

I would insist they take the speakers back. If they continue to refuse, maybe your credit card can intervene, provided you paid with a card.

If you’re stuck, hammer them with bad reviews

Kef are one of the worst companies i have ever had to deal with in my life - i will never ever ever buy another product from such a rubbish company. i would get a solicitor if i was you

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience, that’s terrible. Have you tried contacting KEF directly? I don’t think they have a direct presence in Poland, but there is a contact form for EU enquiries:

I don’t know if it will make any difference, but maybe if you reach out to them directly they will be able to help.

I got my money back so I can’t say any bad words about KEF. On the contrary - my case was resolved thanks to the people at KEF. I’m very greatful for the help I received.