Disc Labelling - still not implemented?

I can see this has been raised several times, over a number of years, but it still is not implemented.
Is there a reason for this?

In some cases, it’s particularly needed.
For example, on UFO’s Strangers In the Night deluxe boxset - the discs have the exact same (or very similar) running order because they are set-lists from a number of nights on the same tour. Without the disc being labelled - I would have to go back and retrieve the actual box to see which night I’m listening to.

Identical scenario with Yes’ Progeny box set.

I have to say, also I preferred the way multi discs were displayed prior to 1.8. I don’t really like the new ‘drop down’ to select a disc as this just leads to an extra click. Minor I know, but it’s kind of a backwards step.

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Agree 1000%.

That’s a lot.

Man that UFO box is something else. Those guys were killing it. What a band.

@Damian_Boys - Here’s a box set with 30 live concerts in it. It’s similar to your UFO example. If you like the way this looks…

You can use Roon’s WorkName tag to do this - if you don’t mind doing a little meta data editing. Here’s a post on how to do it in 1.7:

Only difference in 1.8 is the disc list is a pull down.

thx - I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

This looks very interesting to me… thanks for the pointer!

Sure… You can do a lot of interesting things with the classical Work Name, Part and Movement tags with box sets if you play around with them…

unless you are dealing with a classical box set, of course…

Haha…now be nice…:slight_smile: