Discography: Decca Most Wanted Recitals

Well, here I go again - this Collectosaurus has finally gathered all of “Decca Most Wanted Recitals” and am presenting the complete collection here, this might inspire some members to find some of these recitals.
Some might ask, what is so special about this collection?!? They were put together by the mexican branch of Universal music, by an obvious fan of great older recordings Victor Suzan Reed, he gathered the master tapes and restored them etc., a true work of dedication and love. They were first only available in Mexico and some later made it to other markets. Whilst some are on streaming services, others have become rather expensive collectors items. As for the selection, most are truly first issues on CD (digital format), great recitals by well known artists, which strangely never made it to CD and rather obscure artists - which I had never heard of and who recorded a recital in the past.
All in all a fascinating collection and something special - instead of just rereleasing stuff over and over again, as it is usually done by the industry, someone digging into the archives and offering unreleased (in this format) recordings and also saving them from getting lost, should the master tapes fall to dust.

Here you go, now you know what is availabe. Happy hunting!


Seeing the screenshots I’m tempted to adjust my monitor’s tilt to get the screen content properly aligned again. :grinning:

Hi, I am hunting the remaster he made from all Del Monaco on Blu-ray. Almost got them all. Happy to share! Sound quality is amazing. I have them all already on multiple qualities (CD, LP rip 24/96), but those remaster are sonic.