Discography Sort Options

What does the sort option “Popularity” mean in discography? I thought it might be rating, but it’s not. Why isn’t there a sort by rating option?

This thread explains what Roon means by “popularity”.

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Thanks for the heads up. I searched but didn’t find this thread.

Click here.

Generally speaking it is a measure of popularity amongst Roon Users,. utilizing a backend metric we have not been made privy too.

I didn’t know it was Roon use data that this ranking was derived from. Hm. I suppose it’s simply an aggregate #-of-plays ranking? Per track per album. I suppose that works. Would be good to know exactly whose taste we’re referring to when we sort things this way.

Related question: are data publicly available (API addressable??) from Spotify, Apple Music, etc on the number of plays/downloads/popularity of the tracks/albums/artists on their platforms?