Discogs data for UNKLE Sounds?

Artist name : UNKLE Sounds

Album name : Big Brother Is Watching You, disc 1 has 13 tracks & disc 2 has 10 tracks, but no track names are identified.

Album name : Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats, 3 discs each with only 1 (mix) track on it, discs 1 & 2 are identified, but 3 shows no name.

I know that Metadata editing & linking is coming, but wouldn’t it really be simpler to just add Discogs.com to your linked resources…please…?!

We’ve done some investigation and, as mentioned elsewhere, we are planning to integrate Discogs data into Roon’s database. We’re hoping to kick off this work soon, but I want to be clear about what’s involved. Discogs data is very very broad, and is likely to touch the vast majority of albums in the database, as well as adding a significant number of releases.

One of the reasons Roon requires a subscription is that as our database improves, the information we display about your library is updated automatically in the background. This will fit nicely with our forthcoming editing features, which will allow you to opt for the information in your file tags on a field-by-field basis for things like track title, album title, etc.

Since the data is stored in layers, they will update independently of each other – for example, let’s say AllMusic’s track titles for a few songs was incomplete, so you choose to prefer your file tags for tracks 3 and 4.

Later, AllMusic fixes the omission – Roon would still automatically fix the track title for, say, track 5. Alternatively, if you edit your file tags for track 3 or 4, you should see that automatically as well.

The flip side of all this automatic updating is that we have to be very careful about making big changes to our database. We know how much people want Discogs data and it’s an important priority for us. But nothing is more important than ensuring the overall stability and accuracy of the database, since that affects every single Roon user automatically. The point is that this isn’t a simple change, or one that will be undertaken without considerable care and testing.

Just want to be clear that it’s coming, but it’s not easy. I’ll keep everyone updated on our progress as the project kicks off following our 1.1 release.

And yeah, AllMusic’s data on that album is pretty weak. Looking into it…


Really looking forward to this & the multitude of other updates in Roon v1.1 & beyond !
And many thanks for the comprehensive feedback and positive / open approach - much appreciated.

We’ve let AllMusic know this album needs work @rolski – thanks for the report.

Very much looking forward to the discogs intergration. I have an extensive collection of underground and independent albums that often go unidentifide in Roon while discogs often has extensive info for such artists. Understandable what an extensive upgrade this will involve.

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Is Discogs integration still on the roadmap?

⋀⋀⋀ I really really hope so I have so much music thats not identified.

The underlying architectural changes required to integrate Discogs (and other metadata sources too) are underway, but it’s a big project with broader goals than just integrating additional metadata – think quarters instead of months :frowning:

So, we are laying the groundwork, but the actual work is still a little ways out. It will be worth it though.


Thank you, for me the good news is that is still on the roadmap the when it will be, will be!

Sound great, can’t wait…

In the meantime if you havent already you could use a Discogs based music tagger first, this could have two consequences:

  1. Simply adding the metadata shoud be enough to help Roon match some releases it wasn’t matching previously
  2. Even if not matched to anything in Roon database, better metadata will allow them to be displayed better by Roon

extra vote for Discogs integration

underground genres (eg D&B / Dubstep / Triphop) are perfectly discribed in Discogs… in roon most aren’t even identified…

same applies for loads of Vinyl EPS
most complete albums are perfectly identified, the EPs however aren’t

in Discogs everything is available