Discord Rich Presence Integration

Spotify has created a rich presence add-on, allowing other users of discord to see what you are listening to if you link your Discord/Spotify accounts. I think this would be a great feature to add since it gives that flexibility for roon users that have discord to show what they are listening to. Below is an example of what the Spotify Rich Presence looks like.
Spotify RP Example
Click here to see the Discord Docs on Rp.


Another +1 for this feature.

I haven’t read about Discord yet. Is it similar to LastFM ?

I would like to see more ways for users to share music, playlists etc. It may be more sensible to integrate with other services than to reinvent the wheel.

Discord (discordapp.com) is a gaming chat service however has a feature to show what games you are playing and recently added a feature to show what spotify song you are playing. I have made the extension (at least a working prototype) and you can find it at https://github.com/615283/roon-discord-rp. I have asked TheAppgineer to add the roon-extension-manager however since it uses the discord-rpc library from DiscordJS, he didn’t want it in the library.

I think that the best approach for your Discord RP extension would be to create a Docker image for it. That would take care of the dependency difficulties and seems to be the way to go for extensions in general.

Never used docker, is it continuous integration? If so I have a TeamCity server that should work just fine. If not then how should I go about creating one, am open to suggestions and people willing to help.

A lot of Docker resources can be found via a Google search.

I used part 1 and 2 of the Getting Started Guide as a starting point.

You can derive your Dockerfile from an official Node image.

I’m not quite sure in the point in a docker image nor how to do it without having to host it on a server of mine. Is there not a way we can package the dependencies into the files that are downloaded by the extension manager?

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but how do I run this? I am running Windows 10.

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