Discounted lifetime membership for seniors?

Hi, my second post, and as I consider subscription options, I would like to know whether Roon might, or has ever, offered a discount on new lifetime memberships for seniors. I’m 73, and my expected “lifetime”, while unknown, is bound to be much shorter than that of your average user, or probably even most users. If this hasn’t been offered in the past, perhaps now’s the time! I’d certainly be more willing to purchase one at a discounted rate. I know you’re not in the insurance business, but actuarial tables are a real thing! I don’t think it’s likely that anything will actually happen in response to this post, but I’d sure like to know what some of you think about it!


I don’t think you will find many senior age Roon users who would not like this.

As a senior myself, I wholeheartedly support the idea.

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The average Roon user is 51-70, so you may have trouble arguing that everyone else will enjoy a 3 times longer lifetime membership than yourself :joy: Lifetime breaks even in 6 years, there’s still time.

Hmm. Only all those who have already paid the current rates for a lifetime subscription and would object out of pettiness (I had to pay full price so why shouldn’t you!) :wink:

More seriously, even now, after the increase in price of lifetime a couple of years (almost) back, a lifetime subscription pays for itself in less than 6 years (compared to a yearly subscription) so it is, typically, a good deal even for those in their early to mid 70’s and beyond if their general health is good.

This, with the yearly and monthly subscription options, appears to offer an option for everyone. Yes, a longer term subscription with its higher cost is always a gamble. You are not going to change that.

Disclaimer: I’m not yet 60 - by 11 days - and I have a lifetime subscription so you might be inclined to put me in the ‘petty lifetimers group’ alluded to above :rofl:

My excuse is that, being in my spritely youth as I am, I would not qualify for the proposed reduced rate subscription any way.


I bought a lifetime subscription to RooWatch extension: when I asked for a discount (I am 76) they laughed at me….
I did buy a lifetime sub to Consumer Reports magazine when I was a teen…that was/still is a good deal

I’m a Roon lifer. I’m 44. I paid before the increase the other year.

My thoughts have meandered over the past few months as to whether I did the right thing.

I’ve had a few issues.

I’m currently blessed by the IT gods and have a very reliable Roon/Roon Arc setup :face_with_peeking_eye: and believe it was money well spent.

If I wasn’t a lifer and in my 70’s, I’d probably subscribe annually.

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Yes but this isn’t the time or place for that sort of help.

:grinning: For the inevitable


You read my mind I am 74, I should have bought 8 yrs back but didn’t

Pensioner Discount would be nice but I suspect the demographics are against it :crazy_face:

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Would this make sense as a feature request? :laughing:

I don’t think Roon has ever offered a discount on the Lifetime license fee, except, I think, when Roon first launched in 2015.

Roon had said they do not want to encourage Lifetime licenses (hence the price increases?) and it could go away at any time. I’m surprised it’s still offered.

That said, with Roon being under new owners, who knows what will happen with it.

I bought my Lifetime license in 2017 when the price was much lower and one received credit for unused months on the annual subscription. :grinning::+1:

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