Discourse bug? Opening link behaviour has changed when using Edge?

(Geoff Coupe) #1

Sometime during the past month or so, the behaviour when opening a link in a post has changed.

It used to be the case that opening the link would display the site content in a new browser tab, whilst the post containing the link would remain open in the current tab.

Now, both the new tab and the current tab display the linked site content, so that it’s necessary to click the “Back” button to go back to the post in the Roon Community site.

This is happening in the Edge browser; Chrome displays the original (and correct) behaviour. And please don’t tell me to switch browsers :wink:


I had the same problem with a FireFox awhile back. It appeared out of the blue one day.

Support’s solution was that I should check the “Open all external links in a new tab” box in Profile–>Preferences–>Interface.

That works.

(Geoff Coupe) #3

Unfortunately, I’ve already got that checked. So, bug in Discourse with Edge?


Wouldn’t be the first app that Edge screws up.


More likely a bug with Edge browsing Discourse :wink:
MS Edge is one of the most incompatible browsers out there.

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