Discover based on Genres, Tags, Artists or other Focus criteria

Just an idea. I’ve been playing with Roon for over a month how and it is a ton of fun. Thinking of easy ways to shuffle the deck and leverage what’s been built.

This could dynamically create pages that look kind of like artist bios, deep genre features, history of albums or even tracks, who knows? The Discover page layout is such a visually appealing way to view the collection - it would be nice to enjoy other objects the same way!

Combine this with focus on new releases on Tidal or new acquisitions, format it with a bookmarking-like feature, and Roon becomes an actual current music magazine that’s live for the playing. It’s a little bit like New Arrivals in the Tidal page, but more sophisticated and based on our focuses.

Or maybe I’ve just had too much caffeine this morning.

I had a similar thought this morning… I use the Discover feature quite a bit when working, steering me to the next album or artist, but I’d love for it to be able to have the Focus feature to refine the offerings.