Discovery articles and some searches limited to library doesn't include Tidal or Qobuz

I was looking for some new Holiday music and my search for “Christmas” was limited to those I had in my Library and did not include Tidal or Qobuz subscriptions.

Also in discovery, some articles refer to music outside my library, but when I select view all Roon only shows those in my Library. Tidal and Qobuz should be included in these.

I am new to Roon and really enjoy the features, but would like a more in-depth integration with Tidal and Qobuz.

How did you do the search? When I search starting with the magnifying glass symbol in the upper right corner and enter Christmas it returns a list. I select Christmas Traditional then select view all albums I get a complete list of whats in my library plus Tidal and Qobuz. There is a lot to choose from.

BTW, Welcome to the forum.