Display album art of each individual mp3 file

I checked the forums with no success - in my opinion there is way too much discussion about album art … why is this such an issue?

My related problem is:
I have a folder containing mp3 files (a podcast folder - ok, it’s a shame that podcasts are not supported out of the box). However:

Each of the mp3 files has its own album art embedded. Why is the album art of each file not displayed when listed as new in the newly added overview (they all have different creation dates) or when playing? It’s always using the album art of the first mp3 file in this folder. Why is this?
An album art embedded in the metadata of a mp3 file should have HIGHEST priority to be displayed.
I tried every album art setting I could find - no success. And no, the files do not have a common Album tag.
Any help appreciated!