Display albums in Qobuz but NOT in Tidal?

The title pretty much summarizes it. I could only find a way to display albums meeting both a YES or both a NO criteria. I want to show albums in Tidal but NOT in Qobuz (or vice versa). Thanks!

Focus - Format - Tidal

This only shows Tidal. The request is to find albums in Tidal but NOT in Qobuz. Currently with Tidal and Qobuz set in Focus they are tied and are either inclusive or negated together.

This should be moved to a feature request.

Thank you, you are correct in your understanding of my request.
So to be sure I understand - no way right now to apply a logic with item 1 = Yes AND item 2 = No?

With a little effort by yourself, this is accomplished easily.

Go into Settings-Services and disable one service, e.g. Qobuz.
You will notice in Album view that all Qobuz albums have dissappeared.
Use focus to select Tidal albums. Select all and add tag ‘Tidal’ , and then create bookmark, e.g. ‘Tidal albums’.
Go back to Settings-Services, enable Qobuz , disable Tidal.
Focus in Album view on Qobuz, select all and add Tag 'Qobuz´ and bookmark ‘Qobuz albums’.

The only continuous effort you need to do is add the right tag for each new Qobuz and Tidal album added to your Library.


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OK, thanks. I guess I did not understand the question completely.