Display embedded artwork

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I’m currently ripping and scanning the Warner Classics Beethoven complete works box. It is not anywhere as sumptuous as the DG box but what it has is artwork from this period which I love.

There is usually a reason why artwork is embedded and it surely isn’t that difficult to implement.



I know I’m in the minority but it’s all about the overall experience.


Edit: The first image is the cover and is a tad bland. Second image is an example of the individual artwork. I only embed images in boxes like this, of course if roon had better support for box sets…

A while back, I ripped a bunch of my CDs using the free software “fre:ac”. It allows adding multiple images to FLAC files, and even lets you label them “Cover (front)”, “Cover (rear)”, “Media”, “Leaflet”, and many others. However, near as I can tell no music playback software allows these additional images to be viewed. In fact, one app I use - the otherwise excellent Doppler for iOS - sometimes decides to pick one of the additional images to show as the front cover, which ends up being a pain. Also, I wrote to the author of the Meta app - an excellent music file metadata editor for the Mac - about this issue. He said he isn’t planning on supporting multiple art images in the app, because no popular players support it. It’s a bummer, I know - I think it’d be cool to be able to swipe through the multiple images while listening, especially on something like an iPad.