Display is unresponsive to touch in some places [Resolved - hardware issue]

@spockfish Harry having an issue with one build…I have refreshed the SD card with the latest image and setup everything again but still its not reacting correctly… here is a feedback 8ae33ea12e79e701

The issue is that a tap on the screen sleeping (clock showing) results in nothing happening…but if I press the power icon it shifts to the playback screen with no image shown… then its stuck there with no pressing anywhere making anything happen.

its showing in Roon Extension settings no issue. I have yet to configure the HAT, but I’m doing that now…hope that shouldn’t affect things as it was having this issue before I flashed the SD card again. I have setup the IQAudIO DigiAMP+ hat setting and its playing fine but the screen is unresponsive to any pressing still.

Let me know if you got the feedback OK…if not ill do another one as maybe it rebooted after setting the HAT but before it finished sending you the file.


The only thing I see is that you’ve configured the zone ‘LCDBoodwah’, but I don’t see that zone being detected…

So yeah, I think you discovered a bug. If the to be controlled zone is not detected, it should not be possible to switch (from the power icon) to the player window.

We even now it’s playing there is no control from the screen. Artwork shows and progress etc but no controls work. 2 Other screens in the house are fine.

ok. can you send me logs in this setting? so you playing something?

Her you go… 4e00d2fc7389038b .was playing earlier. As it’s a new build the brightness was up too high so I managed to get to the settings screen but nothing works…it just times out back to the main screen so it’s in power off mode but a touch on the screen will wake it but still nothing is adjustable nor play contrails working. Scrolling text is there tho.

so basically the display is working, but not responding to touch… correct?

Well it seems to be physically working as I can get a response to say the power button area or settings area. but functions are not working when in the screens like brightness or check boxes or play controls.

update… just tried complete disassembly of the display boards and replugging all the ribbon bales and no change.

still the power icon will kill the display and bring it back again.

the settings area will get to the settings screen but nothing is operable there and it times out back to the main artwork display where the only option is power or settings again in the top and bottom right corners.

It will resume back to the time display and will go o the playing screen when music is started but control on the screen is dead

one last feedback here fb3af54c43961cad

@spockfish OK so I swapped out the display with my other display that I don’t usually need to touch as its really just a display only for fun and its following the display so odd hardware problem it looks like that the only area of the screen that touch is working on is the far right vertical side (1CM) where the settings and power areas are in ropieee.

so sorry Harry for the wild goose chase … looks like hardware issue.

the upside is that its working for everything else…just I can’t change any of the settings now…pity there is no control from the web interface for brightness and clock etc…maybe in a future release for inaccessible display units :smiley: