Display issues on 1.8 B778 [Resolved - B783]

My Roon version 1.8 build 778 had the same symptoms.
However, build 756 remained in the download folder and I did it.
All the symptoms are gone.

I think the team should archive the previous installation exe of 778.
It seems that there are many people in trouble.

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Same problem with me, all drivers up-to-date…

I got the problem after the 1.8 upgrade on a Toshiba Portege laptop running the latest Win 10. Lots of pixellation issues. No Intel updates, no updated drivers anywhere. It’s fine on my NUC with Intel 5000, and my Lenovo with Intel 630 graphics. incidentally, the Lenovo did have a problem a few months ago where Roon would not start because of graphics issues, but I managed to get an old driver and that fixed it until Roon did something in an upgrade and the latest graphics drivers worked again.

I’m disappointed in your response. I keep my laptop up-to-date with the latest version of Windows and required patches. Every other application I use works without these glitches. The Roon technical architecture should be evaluated so that it can run smoothly without relying on Open GL3 - just like every other software application.

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We’ve just released Build 783 which includes a fix for this issue. Thanks everyone for your patience as we’ve worked to resolve this!


Thanks! You can whenever you want :))

I just installed new release - B783. Issue Resolved!! Thank you

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Many thanks for that.

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Hi Dylan,

Roon’s alive again! Thanks for all your efforts.

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Thanks for all your efforts at Roon Lab. Very much appriciated.

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Still getting the white flash

you are saying the iOS app is already available?

It’s gone for me. Was the iPad update even in the Apple Store when you wrote that?

Ah, wasn’t. It is now and works! Thanks!

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Hurray! Album art back to normal now. Thanks for fixing this. Next time a software update is released I’ll hold off for a few days in case there are any bugs.

Vielen Dank! Die neue Version B783 funktioniert super. Die Fehler sind behoben, alles sieht wieder normal aus!

Google Translation…

Many Thanks! The new version B783 works great. The bugs have been fixed, everything looks normal again!

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ROON is beautiful again, not only great. Thanks!

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Many thanks, the new release addressed all issues (display and DAC recognition)

The update has fixed it for me. Thanks for sorting it out!