Display not updating with USBridge endpoint

Hey Harry,

My display (RPI3b with display, no hat) isn’t updating while playing through the W4S DAC via the USBridge.
Transfering zone to the DigiOne makes the display update again. When I transfer back to the USBridge the display is again no longer updating and so on. Rebooting the USBridge, or the rpi display isn’t helping. Also restarting the extension is not helping.

send feedback 046934d1b853f3bf

Advise please, most likely I did something wrong :wink:

Hi @Dick_Vliek,

Looking at your feedback I see that you have the Digione as display zone configured.
I guess you forgot to configure the zone for playing via the USBbridge. You can do that in the display tab of RoPieee’s web interface.

Regards Harry

Ahhh Thanks Harry,

How can one be that stupid :wink: