Display settings ("Start on playback" vs "Don't start on playback")

I would like to see this setting persist between listening sessions. If the TV is turned off, or if I change zones then it reverts to the default “Don’t start on playback”. I constantly have to select “Start on playback” over and over which is annoying. I always want my displays to start if I’ve selected “Start on playback” without having to go into Roon and selecting “Display Now”. This should be a setting that persists and I shouldn’t have to select it on each listening session.

If there is a way to do this currently please advise.


Yes, that is very annoying. If I select start on playback it should remember my selection.

@support I’m not sure if something changed on the back end or what, but this actually seems to work now. Just thought I’d throw out a thank you to whoever fixed it. :smile:

Doesn’t always keep the setting for me, especially after restarting the software. Frustrating.